Bridges Program

Helping Kids Cope with Divorce, Loss and Family Changes

Children grieve differently than adults do.  Because of their young age, they have no roadmap for dealing with emotional trauma.  Changes in family structure as a result of divorce, death or the extended absence of a loved one due to deployment or incarceration can cause a child to feel scared, angry and even guilty. Without guidance from caring adults, they may lash out or simply shut down. That’s why YFC’s staff of professional therapists created Bridges

Bridges is a 10-week workshop, developed and delivered by YFC’s licensed clinicians. The program is designed to help emotionally vulnerable children who are currently enrolled in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade.  Children will work through grief and other overwhelming emotions by participating in weekly sessions with discussion and  activities to help:

  • Identify and express emotions
  • Develop coping strategies for handling difficult or scary feelings
  • Understand and practice forgiveness, gratitude and trust
  • Look forward to new familial experiences
  • Celebrate their own accomplishments

For more information on the next session of Bridges please call YFC's Client Services Coordinator at 847-367-5991, ext 13