Couples Counseling

young coupleRomantic relationships begin with high hopes and partners seeing the best in each other. As this “honeymoon” period wanes, real-life problems and individual differences can introduce conflict and dissatisfaction into the relationship. When communication breaks down or becomes contentious, partners may find themselves feeling angry, hurt, and isolated.

Couples counseling can make a big difference in helping committed partners resolve differences, become emotionally closer, and learn to appreciate and support each other in new and deeper ways.

Couples seek counseling for various reasons, including:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Conflicts around money, chores, parenting, priorities, etc.
  • Life transitions such as engagement, marriage, becoming parents, relocating, retirement, etc.
  • Loss of emotional and/or physical intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Problems with in-laws

At YFC, your therapist will hear and support you and your partner as individuals, and help the two of you explore new, positive ways of relating to each other. Our counselors are trained to help you see unproductive behavior patterns, gain understanding of yourself and your partner, and discover ways to strengthen your relationship.

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