Otto Sievens

Fluent in English and Spanish

Otto is empathetic, charismatic, multiculturally sensitive, and passionate about working with all culturally diverse clients, specifically helping the Hispanic community. He believes that seeking therapy is a sign that you want extra support in your life to achieve goals you never thought were possible.

Otto is interested in applying several therapeutic interventions including CBT, DBT, and play therapy. His passion for working with clients regardless of their faith, race, gender, or socioeconomic status and other has no bounds. Growing up, Otto struggled with different scenarios and felt that mental health was a stigma. He does not want the same thing to happen to anyone, and today is proud to say "I am here to help and I am here to advocate for you."

Otto has worked in the school system and for several non-profit agencies. He is excited for what the future holds at YFC. In his free time, he enjoys exercising, cooking, baking, learning new things, collecting, and finding ways to improve his life.


Bachelor’s degree in liberal studies, with minor in History - Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico

Master of Social Work Clinical Area-  Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico


LCSW - Puerto Rico

LSW - Illinois ( I year or less to be qualified for LCSW)