Q+A with Carolyn

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Parenting is hard and we all need support, both from our fellow parents and from mental health experts.
Q+A with Carolyn is a live session curated by YFC for parents of K-8 kids who want to ask a therapist about parenting, academics, and other child-related topics.
The brief 30 minute zoom webinar session will center around the questions that parents ask and their topics of interest. It will be facilitated by YFC's expert therapist Carolyn Parker, MA, MS, LCPC, who will offer a comfortable space for parents to freely ask questions and to foster community and new connections between attendees.
Two Q+A sessions will be offered in May 2021. The first is on Wednesday May 12 at 7 pm. The second one will be one week after on Wednesday May 19 at 7 pm. You can register for each session separately below. When you register, you can select which topics you are most interested in.
All parents of K-8 kids are welcome to attend one or both sessions.
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