Working with Schools

As part of our mission to develop healthy individuals, strong families, and thriving communities, we work with local schools in a variety of ways to support students and enhance their educational experience.

Referrals for Counseling Services

School social workers do an excellent job of supporting students, but when a child could benefit from additional counseling services or an entire family could use support, YFC therapists are ready to help. Our counselors often work in collaboration with teachers and school social workers to better support our child and adolescent clients, but only if we have client and/or parental consent to do so.

For more information about our counseling services, please call our Client Services Coordinator Bri Roberts at (847) 367-5991 ext. 13, or complete our online New Client Form

Speaker Programs for Parents and School Professionals

YFC’s clinical staff offers one-hour speaker programs on a variety of mental health topics. Each program includes information presented by a licensed therapist, a question-and-answer period, and a suggested reading list for additional information. Offerings include:

  • Supporting Children Through the Divorce Process
  • Peer Relationships
  • Supporting Your Child Through Grief and Loss
  • Self-Injury Awareness and Prevention

To schedule a program or request a specific presentation, please contact Bri Roberts at (847) 367-5991 ext. 13 or

In-Class Workshops

Bullying Prevention Program

This two-day program is designed to help schools change the mentality around bullying by teaching acceptance and appropriate responses to bullying behavior.

YFC's staff works with middle-school students in their classrooms to increase the acceptance of diversity. Our program offers exercises and interactive discussion designed to raise awareness of what bullying is and how it is harmful; increase empathy for others; and strengthen common bonds across cultures and differences. We teach a range of positive responses that bystanders, victims, parents, and teachers can use to defuse bullying situations, and strategies for preventing bullying from escalating into more serious scenarios.

For more information about YFC’s Bullying Prevention Program, please contact Carolyn Parker, LPC at (847) 367-5991 ext. 11 or